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Marketing Strategy

Amidst the whirlwinds of digital trends, our zephyr-inspired approach ensures your marketing stays fresh, calm, and effective.

It’s no longer enough for your brand to simply have a digital presence. With 77% of businesses using social media as a marketing tool, its becoming undeniably difficult for brands to get consumers to stop scrolling and take action. The vast amount of media options doesn’t help. ‘What should I post, videos or pictures?’ ‘Where should I focus my attention, my website or TikTok?’ It’s an overwhelming digital world, and with a tailor made strategy you can stop just living in it, and start taking advantage of it.

The Zephyr Theory approach starts with your business objectives, target audience, and competitor landscape to identify the right outlets and right tactics to not only reach your consumer, but keep them coming back for more.
Business Analysis

We dive deep into your business (think current marketing efforts, target market, competitive landscape, and overall business objectives)

Business Audit

We want to see what your current marketing is doing (or not doing) for your business. From there, we assess effectiveness, identify gaps, and surface potential

Market Review

We get to know your consumers on a whole new level. Industry trends, market opportunities, demographics, preferences, and buying patterns..we want to know it ALL.

Strategic Planning

We take what we learned, and develop a clear and actionable plan made just for your business. We’ll include recommended marketing channels, messaging, positioning, and tactics that always align to your brand persona, values, and identity.

Goal Setting & KPIs

Our realistic and measurable approach is here to evaluate (aka celebrate) the success of your marketing initiatives.

Implementation Guidance

What is strategy without execution? Our guidance and recommendations will set you up for a seamless strategy integration.

Ongoing Evaluation

Depending on your business objectives, we may offer ongoing support to monitor effectiveness and adjust as needed.

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